Where The Error Caused The Views To Decrease.

You may not know that even if you make spam comments under the videos, your YouTube channel would be blocked and you keep thinking that the channel was mine and the videos were also my own, so why did my channel get deleted?

Also, YouTube finds out at one point, that it is derived from subscribers and lowers your channel’s ranking, and your views seem to decrease significantly and you may not know.

Consider Spam Comments

If your well-run channel suddenly starts to lose views, your videos start to drop in rank, consider spam comments somewhere, and not busy in Sub4Sub, if so stop it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will send your channel to your icebox.

One subscriber gets an estimated 50-2500 views, and that’s how the series goes. As your views grow, so do the subscribers with the same ratio, and these people will subscribe to your videos by liking them and you are sure that they will like every one of your videos like this. Stay tuned, so let your channel create quality subscribers throughout. Your job is to make good videos and keep making them. Growing subscribers will not work.

How to Increase Subscribers

When we create a new channel, we try to somehow increase the number of subscribers as soon as possible, and in this hurry, we do a lot of things that are against the rules and regulations of YouTube, and As a result, our channel is closed. One point I thought I’d convey to you, I don’t remember where I read or saw it, but it stayed in my mind, so that’s a comment about the comments we would make below other people’s videos in the hope that our Subscribers will grow, already hosted about it, it’s very dangerous. Your channel may close you. So stop doing this at the earliest opportunity, otherwise, your channel will be shut down in the comments spam.

Secondly, if you do not delete the comments that message you to subscribe to the comments in the videos of your channel and you publish these comments or by default, they get published and it goes under your videos. , And one day these other comments will take over your channel, so delete them as soon as possible.

Your Channel Will Not Be Suspended If

Don’t rush, let your channel grow naturally and it wants YouTube too, YouTube now values ​​human natural behavior, works like normal human works or a good YouTube works, not an Uploading hundreds of videos a month, etc. YouTube will no longer accept these things and

All you have to do is make good videos and good metadata, and get YouTube done. They will never be stingy in giving you those views and subscribers. Give it a try if you have good videos. You will say, they will be hundreds of new and old comments, how to delete them, don’t worry, there is a very easy way. Go to your channel Video Manager -> Community

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Click on it, then you will see the comments. Here you will see an option Likely spam by clicking on it you will see the Search Comments option. Write subscribe in it and the comments that are asking you to subscribe will appear, delete them and also search by typing Sub. Many comments will come up. Delete them too, as far as comments are concerned, the comments would make you feel that the viewers are liking your video or not. Also in the eyes of YouTube comments contribute a big factor in ranking any video. Never delete comments that are commenting on your video. Even if those comments are negative, all these comments show the engagements of the users, which is of great importance in the eyes of YouTube.

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