How To Do Keyword Research

Here are some key ways to do keyword research

There are different types of keywords, e.g.

  • Commercial Keywords
  • Informational Keywords
  • Navigational Keywords
  • Transactional Keywords

If someone is searching for a keyword in a search engine, which is about the recipe for “a certain food”, then it means that the buyer’s intent is not the buyer’s content. Just wanting to see how to make food and maybe. She wants to cook for herself this way.

But if he writes “Best price for iPhone 7”, it means he wants to buy something. So this “Buyer’s Word” became Buyer Intent Keywords. That is, behind it is Buyer Intent. There are no translations available. Suppose the key is “pizza” then it means that there is no buyer’s content in it, and what is in the mind of the user. He is not clear, he wants to know about pizza, he wants to read about it and so on. But if someone writes “Pizza in Islamabad” then it will be a transactional keyword, then its value will increase. So it means he wants to buy, if he writes this, then the advertisements of these websites in Islamabad will start appearing on the top and side of Google search, which are in this area. That is, it has a Buyer Intent in it. That’s why people have invested in Word, and advertised to Google. That is, it’s word work. So keep in mind that we have to rank the keywords of the work.

If we just rank the word pizza a little bit, then maybe some traffic will come. But it won’t work, there won’t be any special Buyer Intent for more traffic. And then you would say traffic is coming so much, AdSense doesn’t make anything. Not sure where it will come from. Why would AdSense pay you for the words that Google advertised on your keywords? Even if given, very little.

Informational Keywords

These are the words that contain the question “question words”. Such as “where,” “how,” “How to do this, etc.” That’s why these keywords don’t work for you, because they are not commercial words.

Navigational Keywords

It includes keywords when a user searches for a company or brand name. These keywords are used more and more for this purpose, a user would want to know about the company or would be looking for the address or phone number of this company or would want to know about its product.

The next most important option is Sitemaps.

You can add a site map to it. Here you can also add a sitemap of videos and images. These are plugins in Word Press, you can add them with help. Here you can see if your sitemap is a problem and how many have been deleted and how many have been indexed. This is what you must submit.

The next option is URL Parameters

It doesn’t need to be tampered with, whatever it is by default, that’s fine.

The next option is security issues

If there is a problem with your site, it will show up here.

Then there is the next option, Other Resources Part 59 Google Webmaster Tool Summary The Google Places option in Other Resources is such that if you have a registered address, you can add the phone number and so on to your AdCar website. Next comes Page Speed ​​Inside, which lets you check the speed of your website, and shows errors that you can improve to speed it up.

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