Major Functions Of Google Webmaster Tools For Better SEO Practice

Data highlighter

Data highlighter when you click on it you will see, it will appear in the page set, you tell Google which data I am selecting and for that, you have to click on Start Highlighting. Then you have to enter your specific URL in it. You can also give the main page. Then there are articles on our page, so we select the articles. Then you will select, click on the tag page, and like. This tool will load that page. You can highlight this page with your mouse. As you can tell, this is the title and can tell. It is the author or the author can then tell the date. Can slack image. Can select a category or highlight and can highlight ratings.

Google Webmaster HTML Improvements Site Links

If we click on Edge HTML Improvement, it will tell you about duplicate Meta descriptions, that is, the title, about descriptions, that no page is a duplicate of yours.

Long Meta descriptions will also tell you that there are too many words and will not appear in Google. This will also tell the short Meta description.

Then there is another option:

Site Links:

These are the links that appear at the bottom of the website in Google search. When we search for a site, it is related to the site. Look as links. These links are automatically added by Google. If you see at the bottom of your site, there is a link that is unnecessary and is visible at the bottom of your site. So you can delete it through this option. You have to copy the URL of this link and add it in this option and click demot, by doing this Google will remove this link and show another page there. We can do the same with a link that shows up on someone’s word and delete it.

Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool will tell you what is missing.

Search traffic

The next option in Google Webmaster Tools is Search Traffic. Explain here that if you visit any webmaster’s website, you will see some errors in webmaster tools, but if there are more errors, then it is necessary to fix it.

Search traffic is the first option.

Search queries

Search queries are queries that a user searches for in a search, and your site is exposed. Here you can see which word is getting more traffic, so you can work on it more, and its ranking can be better, as well as you can see the top pages on which more traffic came and you can improve them further. So that more traffic came.

Then there is the option to link to your site

With this option, you can also check the backlinks, how many are linking to the site. This is telling both links. Whether it’s a follow-up or a follow-up, it will also tell you which pages have been linked the most.

These are called external links

Then it is your turn, this option of internal links tells you how many links you have created within your website, and how many times you have linked them to your site.

Then comes the Manual Action

This means, what manual action has Google taken against you. Such as panda or penguin etc.

Then there is international targeting

In it, you can choose the language and country, what language your site is in, and you can choose any country according to your topic, what is your target country.

Then the next option is mobile usability

Whether your website looks good on a mobile or not, that’s what it’s all about.

Google Index

If you want to remove a link from your website from search, you can do so through this tool. You can also delete these posts with this tool, which you have deleted from the website and are still available in search engines and coming as not found.

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